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HowToMakeBoobsGrowI remember a few years ago… Back then I used to envy the large breasted women I would see in magazines… and I always wondered how to make my boobs grow like theirs. I even tried a  “magical” appliance that promised me growth … all I wanted were full, round breasts.

Once my breast enhancer arrived in the mail in its brown paper package, it was instantly obvious the enhancer was an elastic rubber resistance band. Filled with hope, I  faithfully performed all the exercises in the instructions while hoping for a miracle.

Don’t get scammed like I used too.

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It’s funny to me now, but many women still have small breasts which cause them embarrassment. Surgery is out of the question because spending such a huge sum of money and going under the knife for breast enlargement surgery is too risky, not to mention expensive.

Ironically, there is some truth to the idea that you can perform certain exercises to grow your breasts.

When certain chest exercises are performed, your pectoral muscles located beside your breasts becomes stronger, and as they do, they lift the breasts, which gives your breasts a fuller, rounder appearance.

I believe that natural alternatives to surgery are always going to be the safest option for breast enhancement.  If you wonder how to make boobs grow larger, I say stick to natural remedies!  Exercising helps increase your chest muscles which in turn helps your  boobs look much bigger and fuller. My favorite exercises involve  push-ups.

I usually do wall push-ups first. I simply walk my feet back a little from a sturdy wall and I stand with my feet close together. Then I place my hands on the wall shoulder width apart with my palms facing downwards. I Inhale and push my body forward remembering to keep my tummy tucked inward, then I exhale as I return to the starting position.

Do at least ten push ups for the best results.

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The next exercise is really simple and can be done anywhere. You simply hold your palms together so your fingers are facing up… the you simply push them together.  This really builds the breast muscle and also  prevents saggy breasts.

You can also hold your elbows and palms together out from the chest a little ways. Press your elbows and palms tightly together, point the palms toward the ceiling and move them up and down at least ten times. This builds your upper chest muscles.

How-To-Make-Boobs-GrowSome women swear by breast pumps and cones. I personally don’t think they are worth the trouble. I feel as though the minimal growth that they provide is not worth the trouble of using these contraptions.

Another promising remedy, the one I swear by, is a combination of herbs and vitamins. There have been numerous studies that prove that certain herbs such as Fennel and Fenugreek help promote breast growth. They do this by fooling your body into producing more hormones… the hormones responsible for breast growth.

From surgery to breast pumps, women with small breasts will try almost anything to have larger breasts, so why not use an effective natural  product that is also 100% safe? No increase in breast size should ever take precedence over a woman’s overall health.

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